[Review] SuperX 5.0 & Runtu 18.04.02 Linux

Recently there are several Linux distro release, but what interests me is this two, SuperX 5.0 and Runtu 18.04.02. They're both good release with different approach. SUPERX LINUX SuperX 5.0 "Lamarr" is a debian based distro coming from Indian developers with KDE Plasma desktop designed for easiness and simplicity in use. It offers a complete… Continue reading [Review] SuperX 5.0 & Runtu 18.04.02 Linux

[Review] Sabayon 19.03 – The Best of Gentoo

Gentoo is one of a gem in Linux world, it is a great build indeed and have always been my favorite (beside Debian, obviously). Sadly there are not many distro around based on Gentoo (unlike Debian or Arch). I had good experience for a while last year with Calculate Linux (one of a good Gentoo… Continue reading [Review] Sabayon 19.03 – The Best of Gentoo

[Review] Sonicbar U150 – Mini Soundbar Speaker

Sonicbar U150 is a USB powered (DC 5V) mini 2.0 speaker system with a soundbar design that will fit nicely on a "modern" office desk. It is designed to look aesthetically beautiful and modern. The outer package looks nice and simple, since it's a low end speaker system with an ultra affordable price ($ 10… Continue reading [Review] Sonicbar U150 – Mini Soundbar Speaker

Endless OS – Could be One of the Best!

I had written about Endless some time ago and I know that it is good without having (trying) it extensively as a daily driver. I've been using Deepin, MX and Netrunner as daily drivers on different machines, they're all great, in fact they're on my "top lists" if anyone would ask me for recommendations on… Continue reading Endless OS – Could be One of the Best!

[Review] Condres OS – Phat & Furious

Condres OS is an Arch based Linux distro aimed for many. It is suitable for home, office or educational purpose. It will spoil you with numerous preinstalled apps for daily use, educational apps and some light games too. Condres comes in several flavors, for me, I like the look and functionality of KDE (There are… Continue reading [Review] Condres OS – Phat & Furious

[Review] ROSA – a Reliable Comrade

ROSA Linux (current ver R11) is a distro coming from russian developer who offers linux solution for various needs. Their products are ranged from desktops, servers, and virtualization (check them out here: https://www.rosalinux.ru/en/home-2/ ). ROSA is independent, originally forked from Mandriva, they also have product for enterprise┬áserver based on RedHat, so they're using RPM as… Continue reading [Review] ROSA – a Reliable Comrade

[Review] Endless OS – an OS for everyone

Endless OS (EOS) is one of a kind. It is basically a debian based distro from US that comes with "tons" of preloaded apps. The full installer / live image is around 16 GB, with more than 100 free apps and tools included. It is originally intended to be used in low cost notebooks in… Continue reading [Review] Endless OS – an OS for everyone

[Review] HexagonOS – Newcomer with an Extra Flexibility

HexagonOS default desktop Hexagonos is a fresh (newcomer) linux distro from PyrosSoftware. It is based on Ubuntu (Xubuntu) LTS, ensuring the OS will be kept up to date until 2023. It uses XFCE as main DE, and it is already "pimped" out of the box to a more modern look while still retain the goodness… Continue reading [Review] HexagonOS – Newcomer with an Extra Flexibility

[Review] Q4OS – another level of “lean”

Q4OS is a debian based distro from Germany. Unlike any other "mainstream" distro, this one is a "bare" and speedy distro with low hardware requirement. Q4OS isn't really intended for Linux beginners, though not requiring too deep Linux knowledge to get it run into your machine. Q4OS has 2 flavors, trinity and KDE Plasma. Trinity… Continue reading [Review] Q4OS – another level of “lean”

[Review] SolydXK – Linux with Some “Extra Protection”

SolydXK is a Debian based distro coming from Netherland. It comes in 2 flavors; SolydK ("K" for KDE Plasma) and SolydX ("X" for XFCE). As the name implies, it offers a "solid" linux experience for desktops, mainly in SOHO and home environment with an "extra" security and privacy feature coming right out of the box.… Continue reading [Review] SolydXK – Linux with Some “Extra Protection”